Monday, October 24, 2016

Episode 20 -- Stranger Things

Church of the Geek is back! After a long (too long) hiatus Church of the Geek is back. In this episode, Brian and guest host Will Rose look at the nostalgic Netflix series Stranger Things.

Come and get your geek on!

Monday, February 22, 2016

How Does Deadpool Know He's a Comic Book Character?

A deeply philosophical look at Deadpool...

Following up on the recent post by our friend Jared Lee.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why I, a pastor, am excited to see Deadpool!

Our new blog contributions start today with a reflection on the eve of the Deadpool release by our friend, Jared Lee.

*Full disclaimer: I’m at best a casual geek.  I do not know the history/mythology of Deadpool, other than I think he’s hilarious and a fantastic anti-hero.  I know enough to be dangerous, as they say.  Please be gentle.*

I am really excited for the new Deadpool movie to come out this weekend.  And I’m a Lutheran pastor.  

And I’m sure more than a few of you are going to say, “How do those two things go together?”

And the answer is, quite simply, “easily.”

The longer answer is that Deadpool, as an R-rated film, has an opportunity to do something that a lot of adults are sorely missing in their lives, and that is to see a fairy tale grounded in their reality in a way that Disney often misses trying to market family-friendly films - sadly, where our modern fairy tales often come from.

And not only does Deadpool offer us a glimpse into an adult fairy tale, he also brings to the forefront my favorite kind of hero - the messy, complicated one.

Deadpool has a weird past.  He has flaws.  He’s got a foul-mouth.  And he’s no stranger to making morally ambiguous choices.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Some Changes Coming...

It's Ash Wednesday and Lent has begun... a time for some spiritual soul seeking and discipline. All in the promise of new life. So too at Church of the Geek.

We began this project when I reached out to David about the possibility of co-hosting this podcast with me. Little did we know that things would go so well, and that life would change greatly for us once we started.

David and I are finding that trying to do this podcast and reflect on the church and geek life is a incredibly rewarding and we are not going to stop. But as full-time pastors, we are also finding time to record to be incredibly challenging. Scheduling time to get together to record, finding time to edit, arranging guests and still trying to be pastors, husbands and dads... well, you can see the gaps in our episode history.

So we are changing it  up. David is doing some wicked cool things and is probably busier than I. And this whole thing is my baby, so I am taking a little more of a lead back in the organizing of episodes and schedule setting. We have also reached out to some other religious geek friends to widen the circle of Church of the Geek. So we can continue to bring cool stuff to folks. We have a number of great topics lined up to talk about and by sharing those among our friends, we hope to be able to offer new and fresh content. Even better, we are hoping to offer both episodes AND some posts here on the blog.

David is still part of our circle and I am so happy that he helped me get things going. He will continue to pop in when his schedule allows. I think folks will be incredibly happy to meet the new geeks who pop by. We already have a few written posts that will be coming soon.

Thanks for your continued support and we look to continue the exploration of these geeky stories that captivate us so...

Geek be with you!